The Extrovert    The Doer     The Optimist
Born leader Goal oriented
Dynamic and active Sees the whole picture
Compulsive need for change Organizes well
Must correct wrongs Seeks practical solutions
Strong-willed and decisive Moves quickly to action
Unemotional Delegates work
Not easily discouraged Insists on production
Independent and self-sufficient Makes the goal
Exudes confidence Stimulates activity
Can run anything Thrives on opposition
Has little need for friends
Exerts sound leadership Will work for group activity
Establishes goals Will lead and organize
Motivates family to action Is usually right
Knows the right answer Excels in emergencies
Organizes household


The Doer     The Optimist      The Extrovert
Bossy Little tolerance for mistakes
Impatient Doesn’t analyze details
Quick-tempered Bored by trivia
Can’t relax May make rash decisions
Too impetuous May be rude or tactless
Enjoys controversy and arguments Manipulates people
Won’t give up when losing Demanding of others
Comes on too strong End justifies the means
Inflexible Work may become his god
Is not complimentary Demands loyalty in the ranks
Dislikes tears and emotions
Is unsympathetic AS A FRIEND
AS A PARENT Tend to use people
Dominates others
Tend to over-dominate Decides for others
Too busy for family Knows everything
Gives answers too quickly Can do everything better
Impatient with poor performance Is too independent
Won’t let children relax Possessive of friends and mate
May send them into depression Can’t say, “I’m sorry”
May be right, but unpopular

Maklumat digarap dari buku Personality Plus oleh Florence Littauer.

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